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Chapter 15

Yes! After what has seemed like years, I finally caught a fool bird! I cleaned it, and all the guts came out its... backside. (Gross!) But it tasted GREAT!

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Chapter 14

A stupid, dumb, good for nothing skunk stole my turtle eggs! I then decided to make a better, more protective shelter to protect me and my food.

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Chapter 13

Its been a long time since I last wrote. I finished a bow and arrow, caught some fish. I'm going to catch some more, and cook 'em up tonight. I'll write again soon.

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Chapter 12

There was a plane right over me! I tried to make a smokey fire to get its attention, but I was too late! I am so angry! ARGGG! I was just a bit too late! I hope I see another...

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Chapter 11

I am starting to calm down a bit in the wilderness, because now I know all of the plants, all of the animals, and what to and not to eat.

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